Owning your story is the bravest thing you will ever do.
— Brené Brown

Popular Workshops


Finding Your Voice

An introductory storytelling workshop for generating ideas, practicing stories, sharing feedback, and learning to revise first drafts and other works in progress. The goal is to leave with at least one polished story.

Owning Your Narrative

A supportive workshop for tellers exploring and developing their most challenging stories. Embrace vulnerability and process memories and experiences through the lens of character and story arc development.

Kill Your Darlings

An editing workshop for storytellers. Experiment with structure, tone, tension, and other finer points of story craft. Create a pitch, a 5-minute slam story, and a 10-minute stage version of the same piece.

Warts and All

How to turn your flaws and failures into endearing, entertaining stories. Craft your messes, mistakes, and other inglorious stories into relatable tales. Bring your authenticity, leave with your dignity.




For the Page

Individualized support and developmental editing for writers of personal narrative. Want to write your memoirs or transform your stage pieces into polished written stories? Contact me to get started.

For the Stage

Private feedback sessions for performers of personal narrative. Need to practice your slam story or solo show? Want to take your performance to the next level? Are you preparing to tell your first story on stage? Let's talk.




For Companies

Infuse your brand and messaging with storytelling to connect people to your products and services. Each person, each department, each era of your business has a story that makes your company unique.

For Organizations

Inspire, motivate, and connect people within and beyond your cause with personal narrative. Learn to harness the power of story to strengthen bonds between team members, build bridges in your community, and call people to action.

For Schools

Build a strong academic community with storytelling. Customize professional development programs and dynamic student curricula that align with language arts, social studies, STEM, and other accountability standards.

For Your Group

Entertain guests at your gathering, retreat, reunion, or any special occasion with professional storytelling, and enhance any event by archiving your stories. Create audio, video, and written keepsakes of your shared history.